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Welcome to April Birth Resources Limited

At April Birth Resources Limited (ABReL), we are dedicated to harnessing the wealth of the earth to bring you an array of high-quality commodities. Our expertise spans across mining and agribusiness, ensuring we provide our clients with the best products nature has to offer. We take pride in our ability to supply commercial quantities of Soya beans, Raw cashew nuts, Red Oil, Cashew shells, Lepidolite, Ambiligolite, Mica, and more, catering to the needs of prominent companies like Olams, Premiere Flour Mill, Royalt Oil, and SASO Industries Ltd in Nigeria.


Red Oil
Red Oil

Soya Bean
Soya Beans

Dry Ginger
Dry Ginger


Expanding Horizons

As a trusted local supplier, we are now expanding our reach to the international market, aiming to connect with buyers who value quality and reliability. Our product portfolio includes the rare and sought-after Ox Gallstone, among other commodities.

Our Commitment

We are committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing, ensuring that all our products are obtained in a manner that respects both the environment and local communities. Our monthly capacities showcase our ability to meet large-scale demands while adapting to seasonal variations that influence availability and pricing.

\"We are working at almost twice the capacity\".

"Harvesting Nature's Wealth, Sustaining Tomorrow's Promise - April Birth Resources Limited: Your Gateway to Pristine Commodities and Unearthed Treasures."
April Birth Resources Limited



  • Soya beans: Nutrient-rich and versatile, perfect for a variety of food products.
  • Red oil: Extracted from palm kernels, ideal for cooking and industrial uses.
    • Raw Cashew nuts: Premium quality nuts ready for processing.
    • Dry Ginger: Aromatic and flavorful, used in culinary and medicinal applications.


  • Lepidolite: A source of lithium, used in electronics and glass manufacturing.
  • Mica: Essential for the cosmetics industry and electrical components.

  • Kunzite: A beautiful gemstone used in fine jewelry.
  • White kaolin: Widely used in paper, ceramics, and pharmaceuticals.


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